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PainCrashing in wavesBreakin
Crashing in waves
Breaking me; drowning me
With no relief
No balm or salve
Not even sleep will come
To save me from this
Torturous ache
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   A man walked over to Kathy. She did not turn to look at him; her eyes remained trained on the sight before her.
   "Leave me alone," she thought.
   He began to ask her questions about her injuries, her closest family, etc. She continued to ignore the man. She wished he would just leave her be while she watched her world crumbling down around her.
   He touched her. "Ma'am, we need you to answer our questions so we can help you."
   The man walked helplessly away. She heard him muttering with someone else, followed by footsteps coming up behind her and stopping at her side. A woman began speaking.
   "I realize this is a difficult time for you ma'am, but we need these answers."
   "I need to be alone," was Kathy's response. Despite this comment, the other woman continued to stand beside her, but at least she opted to remain silent.
   "Ignore me," she'd said. "Igno
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Rules of the Game
   Tyler Swift was always chasing the ladies and the ladies were always giving him the runaround. “I’ll call you!” they’d say, but they never did. “Let’s have drinks!” they’d giggle, but they were always busy. “You’re pretty (insert flattering term here),” they’d flirt, but they always dashed away at the last second.
   Sometimes only one girl captured his attention and he would pursue her relentlessly. He’d “accidentally” meet up with her in bars and cafes, repeatedly buy her drinks, ask her to dance, and even send flowers if he knew the address. That’s how he started dating Rachel. He couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. His work suffered for it, as did his relationships with his friends. It took him three weeks, but he was able to catch her. Not that it made a difference in the long run. It wasn’t two weeks and he was single again. At other times, he’d go aft
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September 4, 1994
   Neville fell to his bed, his eyes closed before he hit the pillow. Try as he might to stop it the memory came; clear and vibrant as ever. The memory of one day; the day when everything changed. The day his parents ceased being his parents and became mere shadows of his parents. The day Gran ceased being his babysitter and became his guardian. The day his world fell apart.
   He turned and buried his face in his pillow as unbidden tears began to course down his cheeks. He had been only five but the memory was so strong it could have been yesterday. If that weren't enough, there were all the visits that served to nurse the wound. Parents that didn't recognize him. And the gum wrappers. Gran always told him to just toss them, but how could he? The sight of the spider came once more to the forefront of his mind.
   A sound caught his attention and he tried to muffle his sniffles. Perhaps if he were quiet enough they w
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     “I think you should just tell her and be done with it.”
     “It’s not that easy Chloe. I can’t just walk up to her and say, ‘Hey Jenny, I think I love you. Wanna date?’”
     “Why not?” Chloe questioned her brother. Before he could answer, however, Jenny got on the bus. Instead of joining them in the back of the bus though, she sat down near the middle. Normally Chad would call out to her, but instead it was Chloe, who never really liked Jenny much, that called out, “Jenny! There’s room back here! Why don’t you join us?” Jenny turned, confused by hearing Chloe asking her to join them, but she grabbed her bag and moved to the seat in front of Chad and Chloe. “Sorry, I didn’t see you,” Jenny lied. “I was distracted. I haven’t finished my Econ project yet and it’s worth 30 percent of my grade. I don’t even
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Mature content
Crucio, With Feeling - 6 :icon4dmen:4dmen 0 1
Crucio, With Feeling - 1
[The scene opens on The Boy Who Lived prowling about Little Whinging one summer evening]
"Going Through the Motions"
Harry: Every single year, the same encounter
I meet up with Voldemort
He always attacks but I still conquer
Even his AK
Seems to come up short
I've been making shows of trading blows
Just hoping no one knows
That I've been terrified and lucky
Me the emo teen
Why is Voldemort so bloody mean
I was always brave and somewhat bumbling
Now I find I have to think
That Hermione has started griping
[Cut to the Burrow. Ron and Hermione sit on opposite beds, apparently having a conversation about this very thing]
Hermione: Why's it always me?
Ron (dripping with sarcasm): Well now, let me see...
[After a slight pause]
Hermione (quietly; slightly put out): Study or get Ts
Both: He's done pretty well his life's been hell
As his friends we can tell
That he's just going through the motions
Hermione: Merlin's pants! We're doomed
Ron: If yo
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Body English
    He walked in, turning to scan the room. His eyes briefly lit upon seeing her, seated at her table. The fingers of one hand were tapping at her lower lip, and her foot wiggled nervously. As he approached, she noticed him and immediately uncrossed her legs to sit forward. She frowned when she caught a glimpse of his face. His mouth was turned downward and his eyes conveyed sympathy and sadness. He slowly sat across from her and began to speak.
    She turned away. It seemed she was looking out the window, but he could see the tears welling up in her eyes. He reached across to place his hand upon hers and her whole body tensed. Her hand nearly pulled away, then turned to squeeze his in return. She let out the breath she had been holding and slowly turned back to him, reaching out with her other hand to grasp those already there. They stared at each other, taking each other in. He spoke, and his words brought a small smile to her lips. Then, some
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Sweet and Sour
     I trudged forward, trampling the dying grass beneath my feet as I walked toward the tall, lonely tree. The willow was bent in pain; branches drooped to the grass below. In the cold breeze they twisted and turned as they tried to escape the cold. Above me, a crow cawed as it flew above the tree seeking a happier perch. The black bird stood out against the muted blue of the sky. A void of blue without a single cloud to love. At the horizon blue met with the dull gray of the water. A sharp, cold wind cut the air, churning the water and raising the tree branches to attack. The wind and the tree lashed out at each other until the wind slowed and gave up the fight. The lake rolled in empathy as the tree branches swayed in mourning, nursing new wounds.
     Beyond the tree, parallel to the water, a group of teens played football. Chasing and tackling without reserve; impervious to the cold. A middle-aged woman marched slowly by them, lead
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Requiem of the Heart
Snow softly falls towards the ground,
weaving in between the tree branches,
until it falls in front of the lone figure,
walking silently in the night.
I walk with the moonlight at my back,
I can see my shadow in front of me,
I can hear the soft crunching of the snow,
As I tread slowly onward, my thoughts escape.
I wish you were here.
A chilling wind blows at my face,
creating little cyclones of snow,
stinging the eyes and the heart.
I wish you were here.
The moonlight dances upon the fallen snow,
Creating illusions that creep among the trees,
I walk onward without fear.
I wish you were here.
I look up at the night sky,
Scattered stars flung all across the cosmos,
The moon shining with a halo of clouds,
A tear falls from my eyes,
Reflecting the glory of the skies.
I wish you were here.
A barely audible sigh escapes my lips,
As the clouds move in and swallow the celestial scene,
I feel quite alone now.
I wish you were here.
Darkness crawls all around me,
Phantoms pass before my eyes,
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Questions by AlphaTrooper Questions :iconalphatrooper:AlphaTrooper 1 2
Fury of Silence... Rekindled.
They all ignore me.
So what if I'm quiet?
Why do you torture me?
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
I hold everyone in my hands and slowly I crush.
tears fill my eyes as I
smear your blood across the sky
bitter red drops becoming stars dripping slowly back to earth
bursting with a resounding scream:
... stealing my glory,
my reason for living, for writing, for waking.
I may be quiet, but I'm not less than human!
You don't know the damage you've dealt
the sleepless nights, the tears, the long drives to nowhere.
You don't know the pain of knives cutting in the dark...
stabbing into my back.
Can't you see I'm not trying anymore.
I'm not playing this stupid game.
Either accecpt me or leave me be.
I'm ridiculed, ugly and alone.
But inside I know you're uglier than me.
Someday you'll realize how I felt...
and I'll laugh when you're confused.
You ignored me and trampled me beneath your feet.
I was silent
Now I'm not.
Look what you've done to me.
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Moss Child in the Fridge by deaddays Moss Child in the Fridge :icondeaddays:deaddays 27 22



United States
Current Residence: Iowa City
Check it out, I actually added something! Also, since my last post I have again lost my middle school sketchbook, received a new sketchbook and a book about drawing, drawn a few things, received a writing exercise book, and done some writing. I still intend to scan some of the drawings at some point, but for now the prose will have to satisfy you. These should actually be somewhat regular. As for the fanfic I mentioned...I have kind of gotten some things done on that but I haven't decided if it's going up here or not. If you're interested in it, see and comment there.


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